~Oceania Breedables~ Curiosity

The beauty of Second Life is that even in the darkest of spaces, you can encounter an entirely new world. Though you might be used to seeing Eden and I in our human forms, our love of the ocean extends past the surface. One of our favorite ways to enjoy our sharks is swim side by side with them, indulging in the peace at the bottom of the sea.

There are some absolutely fabulous mermaid designers in Second Life, and we’ll be showing more of their work as we take you through an undersea journey in future blog posts. Here, we chose to mix and match some of our favorite pieces–including hair from Boudoir. The strands float wildly around your face, creating a stunning underwater effect.


~Oceania Breedables~ Blacktip Reef Shark

Eden (Mermaid #1) is wearing:
Butterfly Koi Tail from Mer-chandise Cove
Gills from TIDEBORNS
Tres Jolie Baroque Hair Powder from Boudoir
The ‘Alais’ necklace from Zibska Jewelry (Gatcha Event)

Cortez (Mermaid #2) is wearing:
Ikan Betta Mer Tail – Indigo from Deep Seas Mer Outfitters (tail & fins)
Chakra Lotus Indigo (Third eye) from Affinity Boutique (top & gloves)
Irena Hair from Boudoir
Starry Night Eyes Golden Hazel from Harm’s Way
Talen Face Paint from HANDverk
Mouth Bubbler from Mermaid Salvage
‘Alais’ necklace from Zibska Jewelry (Gatcha Event)


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