The Under The Sea Expo Has Begun!

Under the Sea Sign

June 20th – 26th: Imagine the ruins of Atlantis reborn and transformed into a thriving market! 26 designers bring a one-of-a-kind, mystical shopping experience from the depths of the Second Life Oceans.  The Lost City has been found, and adventure awaits!

Many thanks to our Official Under the Sea Bloggers, who have already been hard at work capturing the magic of the event!

Opening Day Posts:

Chic AeonChic at Phil’s Place
Joonie JathoJoonie’s Journal
Shadowed DarkfurySL Freebie Hunters
Darkley Aeonguerilla avatar
Hope LeissaThe Lovely Hope
Lucie BluebirdBluebird’s Song
Sonya MarmurekAstalianda
Ciaran Laval
Liliana AluveauxBehind These Emerald Eyes
Natsumi KangjonUrban Leyends
Ciaran Laval
Colleen CrissColleen Criss’s Weblog


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