Official Blogger Coverage from the Boats & Bikinis Expo!

Boats & Bikinis Sign

The Boats & Bikinis Expo has an amazing group of Official Bloggers who are covering the event!  Please follow the links below to read all about it!

Natsumi Kangjon & YagoAlexander Resident – Urban Leyends
July 24: Boats and Bikinis Expo
July 25: Boats and Bikinis – KittyCatS
July 25: Full Bikinis

Chic Aeon – Chic at Phil’s Place
July 25: Boats and Bikinis and Hunting
July 26: The Casual Fisherman

Hope Leissa – The Lovely Hope
July 25: Hope’s Sneak Peek into the Boats & Bikinis Expo
July 25: Hope’s Landing
July 26: Hopes and Paddleboats
July 27: Hope’s Just Peachy

Ami Deceit & Blanchefleur Reynaud – The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd
July 26: Boats & Bikinis Expo

Tigist Sapphire – Ticklemetummy
July 26: Tarnished
July 26: Capacious
July 26: Aphrodite Shop
July 26: Fior di Perle
July 26: Inspired

Wild Bedrosian – A View on My Inventory
July 24: Boats and Bikinis Expo

Cindy Gedenspire – Gedenspired
July 25: Rustic Paradise
July 27: A Sweet Spot

Colleen Criss – Colleen Criss’s Weblog
July 25: The Boats & Bikinis Expo

Shadow Rothamany – Mode A Tout Prix
July 24: The Boats & Bikinis Expo

Shadowed Darkfury – SL Freebie Hunter
July 26: Boats & Bikinis Event

Alicia Chenaux – Ch’Know Style
July 25: Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

Donna Arun – My Journey to SL, being Donna.
July 26: Ducknipple, Adam n Eve and …

Isabelli Anatine – Once Upon a Time in Second Life
July 27: Sydney City

Joonie Jatho – Joonie’s Journal
July 26: Boats and Bikinis Expo and Hunt

Morgana Hilra – So Hawt SL
July 25: Boats & Bikinis Expo

Pinky Villota – Pinky in the SL City
July 25: Boats and Bikinis

Purr Foxclaw – Purry’s Blog
July 25: Here Comes the Waves

Emirun Resident – sweet melting marshmallow
July 25: Shines the Brightest

desiremefallen – The Fallen Path
July 25: The Boats and Bikinis Expo
July 27: The Packed Suitcases

gloriasilverstone – Hidden Gems in Second Life
July 25: Set Sail to the Boats and Bikinis Expo
July 26: Chaos at the French Rivera!

Shawneese Offcourse – Pixel Pantomime
July 26: Hope You Can Keep Up


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