The Under the Sea Expo Continues

Oceania Vintage - Medusa and her Pup

The Under the Sea Expo continues with even more amazing posts from our Official Bloggers!  Check them out in the links below!

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The Under The Sea Expo Has Begun!

Under the Sea Sign

June 20th – 26th: Imagine the ruins of Atlantis reborn and transformed into a thriving market! 26 designers bring a one-of-a-kind, mystical shopping experience from the depths of the Second Life Oceans.  The Lost City has been found, and adventure awaits!

Many thanks to our Official Under the Sea Bloggers, who have already been hard at work capturing the magic of the event!

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The Under The Sea Expo Is Coming!

Under the Sea Sign

We’re less than a week away from The Under the Sea Expo!! Imagine the ruins of Atlantis reborn and transformed into a thriving market to be shopped and explored! The Lost City has been found and we invite you mark your calendars now, for this amazing underwater event!! From June 20-26th, join us for a week of shopping in this magical city!

Oceania Events will take you deep into the beauty and mystery of the Second Life Ocean!  Filling the stores of an absolutely fabulous build from expo designer Harlequin Fhang (Breedables Fright Night, RFL Breedables Fair @ Home and Garden Expo 2012, 2013, RFL Christmas Expo 2012 & The Sand & Sea Expo) is an incredible group of over 25 vendors/participants bringing you a one of a kind shopping experience from the streets of mystical Atlantis!

Amaretto Ranch Breedables
Bands of Cypher
Beautiful Freak
Cerridwen’s Cauldron
The Cetelogical Museum
Curio Obscura
Evie’s Closet
Fantasy Flora
Fior di Perle Skins and Clothes
House of Rain
Mer-chandise Cove
The Muses
Oceania Breedables
Two Moon Paradise
Zohee’s Mermaid Designs

Lunchtime Adventures

S&S Bike Closeup

Eden and I needed to escape the office, so we headed down to the ocean for a little fresh air. What better way to explore the beach than with a bike ride!?! And why not take a friend along, with this Blue Tandem Bicycle from [TUFF]! The rusting and chipping of the paint are the sorts of details I am drawn to– the wear and tear of things well loved. Don’t be scared if you end up on the back seat. The steering system makes it easy for any driver to navigate. It’s automatically set to cruise control. Just hop on and ride!

S&S Down the Boardwalk

This row of 14 Palm Trees by Kazza creates the perfect allée for any beach path or boardwalk. I was instantly impressed with how the shadows move over the sand, giving proof to us on the ground that wind is blowing through the leaves. The 14 palm set is only 3 prims, including the shadow –AND– it is copiable, which means you can frame an entire sim with a tropical tree lined border without emptying your wallet or your prim count!

S&S Shoes Closeup 4

I’ve never had good luck with flip flops and bike pedals, so I opted for these Tangerine Deck Shoes from *BOOM*.  Bright colors and comfort are always a perfect combination for any afternoon outing. And I have to say, they are incredibly comfortable.

S&S Lighthouse Metapic 5

But sadly, there was work to be done and we had to ride back to the office. But CVR‘s Off-Sim Lighthouse was such a beautiful site in the distance, that Eden refused to leave without taking one last picture.

Until next time….

❤ Cortez


Blue Tandem Bicycle from [TUFF]
14 Palm Trees from Kazza
Off-Sim Lighthouse from CVR

Cortez is wearing:
Tangerine Deck Shoes from *BOOM*
Select Tops Tank Creme Rose from DeeTaleZ & d. Select
Elly Running Shorts [aqua] from Elly Naire

Eden is wearing:
Ellio Bikini set camo (urban) from *BOOM*
Mesh Shorts Black from -Fade Arcade-
Mesh Lightning Bolts Black Shoes from DECO

The Summoning

~Oceania Breedables~ The Summoning

From the Photo Journal of Eden Malik:

Maybe some folks take great delight in swimming with the creatures near the surface, but personally?  I enjoy the ones lurking in the shadows.   In this instance, a swarm of beautiful, ferocious sharks were stirred from the depths by the haunting call of a light in the dark.

In this photo, I chose to showcase Oceania’s sleek Black Tipped Reef Sharks, accompanied by the scales and tail of Tideborn’sZale‘. Joined by Boudoir’s Morena‘ hair and finally the golden ‘Mandarin’ eyes of Poetic Colors, it made for a wildly seductive sorceress summoning her finned companions.


~Oceania Breedables~ Blacktip Reef Shark

Eden is wearing:
Nerin Mer Tail – Zale from TIDEBORNS
Morana Hair from Boudoir
Mandarin Eyes from Poetic Colors


~Oceania Breedables~ Curiosity

The beauty of Second Life is that even in the darkest of spaces, you can encounter an entirely new world. Though you might be used to seeing Eden and I in our human forms, our love of the ocean extends past the surface. One of our favorite ways to enjoy our sharks is swim side by side with them, indulging in the peace at the bottom of the sea.

There are some absolutely fabulous mermaid designers in Second Life, and we’ll be showing more of their work as we take you through an undersea journey in future blog posts. Here, we chose to mix and match some of our favorite pieces–including hair from Boudoir. The strands float wildly around your face, creating a stunning underwater effect.


~Oceania Breedables~ Blacktip Reef Shark

Eden (Mermaid #1) is wearing:
Butterfly Koi Tail from Mer-chandise Cove
Gills from TIDEBORNS
Tres Jolie Baroque Hair Powder from Boudoir
The ‘Alais’ necklace from Zibska Jewelry (Gatcha Event)

Cortez (Mermaid #2) is wearing:
Ikan Betta Mer Tail – Indigo from Deep Seas Mer Outfitters (tail & fins)
Chakra Lotus Indigo (Third eye) from Affinity Boutique (top & gloves)
Irena Hair from Boudoir
Starry Night Eyes Golden Hazel from Harm’s Way
Talen Face Paint from HANDverk
Mouth Bubbler from Mermaid Salvage
‘Alais’ necklace from Zibska Jewelry (Gatcha Event)

Welcome to Sand, Sea and Second Life!

We had so much fun at the Sand & Sea Expo that we couldn’t imagine waiting another year to express our love of the water! We have a lot of ideas for future events coming to you soon, as well as The Sand & Sea Magazine’s first edition, which will feature articles about Motor Loon, Fruit Islands, Aquatics, Oceania Breedables and more! We wanted to find a way to share our love of the ocean and beach with you on a more frequent basis, and so we thought– what better way than a blog! Please stay tuned for pictures of our ocean adventures, shopping lists, beach gear reviews, special guest blogger posts, and so much more!