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The Summoning

~Oceania Breedables~ The Summoning

From the Photo Journal of Eden Malik:

Maybe some folks take great delight in swimming with the creatures near the surface, but personally?  I enjoy the ones lurking in the shadows.   In this instance, a swarm of beautiful, ferocious sharks were stirred from the depths by the haunting call of a light in the dark.

In this photo, I chose to showcase Oceania’s sleek Black Tipped Reef Sharks, accompanied by the scales and tail of Tideborn’sZale‘. Joined by Boudoir’s Morena‘ hair and finally the golden ‘Mandarin’ eyes of Poetic Colors, it made for a wildly seductive sorceress summoning her finned companions.


~Oceania Breedables~ Blacktip Reef Shark

Eden is wearing:
Nerin Mer Tail – Zale from TIDEBORNS
Morana Hair from Boudoir
Mandarin Eyes from Poetic Colors